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About Western Pacific

When Jacob was a young boy living in Oakland, California, he, his sister, and parents often boarded the Western Pacific passenger train, the California Zephyr, and traveled through the beautiful western mountains and valleys to Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit Jacob's grandparents and cousins. The Western Pacific Railroad ran the rails for eighty years, bringing passengers and cargo through several western United States routes. Now, as an adult, Jacob recreates the wonderful childhood memories of sleeping in an upper berth, eating lunch in the dining car, the thrill of walking in the open between the cars of the racing train, through his Western Pacific HO scale train set. He was inspired to build it a few years ago after he visited the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, California. He has been collecting various cars and model train pieces, some new, some used, from eBay's great selection and he is constructing a track scene with as much detail as he can remember. His grandchildren love to watch the model come together and to hear Jacob's stories of a bygone era and times aboard the Western Pacific.