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About Western Electric

While transistors brought radio technology into the modern era, allowing portable units to be carried to the beach, vacuum tubes are revered by audiophiles as the wellspring of warm, rich sound. Introduced in 1913, the tubes produced by Western Electric are among the most sought-after pieces of audio history and technology. Search for the rare globe-shaped 275A tube, also known as the Baby 300B by enthusiasts. Look to see if the company's stylized logo still endures on vacuum tubes manufactured by Alabama's Western Electric Export Corporation. Many Western Electric tubes are sold in pairs, and others are available as single pieces or in larger lots. Originally designed for use in movie theaters, Western Electric amplifiers, speakers, and capacitors are available from many of eBay's top-rated sellers. While the tube amplifier was relatively low-powered, its accurate sound stage, or sound reproduction, filled a spacious theater. With convenient shipping options, these high-quality audio components can be yours without having to search through flea markets and tag sales.

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