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About Western Art

The drumming of hoof beats, the glare of the hot summer sun, and the silhouette of a mountain range against the wide rural sky all represent the history of the Wild West. In decorating your home or office with Western art, you bring those elements into your living space, even if that space is located in the city or the suburbs. Western art often features recurring themes, such as cowboys, desert landscapes, long rows of crops, and covered wagons. Muted tones often reflect the sepia-tinted photographs that still exist from the Old West, and Western horse art is often accompanied by other equestrian symbols, such as saddles, spurs, and lassos. Western metal art, on the other hand, is often cut from iron and features rustic finishes to evoke the bucolic Western lifestyle. Creating a focal point in your home with Western artwork is easy because of the style's diversity. Build a gallery wall in the living room, for example, with different types of art arranged in pleasant patterns. The vast inventory on eBay contains artwork suitable for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.