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About Welding Jackets

You suit up, put on your helmet, and lower your facemask. No, you're not a linebacker; you're a welder, and a welding jacket represents one of the most important pieces of gear for doing your hazardous job safely. Made of flame-retardant materials and usually providing protection from just below your chin down to your waist and your wrists, this specialized type of jacket prevents all those sparks that you produce from engulfing you in flames. A leather welding jacket makes an appropriate choice for those working in cold conditions because it provides extra warmth, while still offering the same fireproofing any other welding jacket does. This style of jacket might also feature flame-retardant cotton backing to allow for extra ventilation, but when this is still too much warmth, you can don a lightweight welding jacket to avoid overheating and stay protected at the same time. Whatever style of welding jacket fits your welding conditions, you'll find the right new or pre-owned piece for the job on eBay, where all of the top welding jacket manufacturers, such as Miller, Tillman, and Lincoln, are represented. When go time arrives, you can suit up with confidence as long as you have the right welding jacket in your locker.