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About Weights

Going to the gym to pump iron is a great idea in theory. In practice, gyms are crowded, noisy, and teeming with people who hog the weights just when you want to use them. Take control of your exercise routine by picking up a new or used weight set on eBay. While weight machines can target specific muscles, many experts agree that free weights provide a greater bang-for-your-buck return. Lifting free weights mimics athletic movements rather than confining you to a machine?s specific range of motion. Those movements activate more muscles, making free weights the ideal tool for burning fat and building strength in a particular region. A weight bench can help you build even greater muscle mass. Weight benches offer some benefit to arms, but most allow you to target your chest muscles. You can pick up a weight bench in all shapes and sizes, and each size benefits different muscles. As an example, an inclined bench works your upper pectorals. Many benches also fold and contort, so you can sit up while you lift and then tuck the bench away to free up space in smaller apartments. Don?t confine yourself to your gym?s schedule and limited selection of equipment. By investing in weights, you can build strength and burn fat when you want, and how you want.