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About Wee Forest Folk

Tiny little field mice look so cute dressed up for the holidays. Wee Forest Folk are a fantastic addition to holiday decorations or fun year-round displays. Create a kid-friendly Halloween display that is more cuddly than scary with mice dressed up as ghosts, mummies, bats, and pumpkins. Celebrate a special someone with their own little mouse dressed up in the same costume they have on. For Christmas, set up a miniature village with mice sledding, carrying trees, and playing in the snow. Mice dressed up as characters from holiday favorites like "The Nutcracker" and "A Christmas Carol" help set the mood in your home. Retired forest folk hold high value with collectors, and special limited edition creatures celebrate special occasions. Fans of the series can also enjoy quaint scenes of mice living their everyday lives with sculptures showcasing the creatures cooking in their kitchens, reading by the fire, and gardening. Find a variety of Wee Forest Folk sculptures in the large inventory on eBay. Build a critter-friendly display to welcome the changing seasons in your home.