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About Wedgwood

Wedgwood is synonymous with beautifully made antique pottery and china. The company has been producing fine china, pottery, and jasperware for over 250 years. Because of the high standards of quality and craftsmanship, it?s no wonder that these pieces are highly prized. When you have an authentic antique Wedgwood piece in your collection, you can be certain that the quality is impeccable. Wedgwood aficionados are aware that jasperware is one of the more desirable items. Jasperware looks like a cameo, but is larger scale and is made into china. Collectors search far and wide for pieces made in the 18th and 19th Centuries, which are very difficult to find. If you already have some Wedgwood items in your collection, you can determine when the item was made by the mark on the piece?s bottom. This is because the company changed its mark every so often, which has been a great benefit to collectors. Any piece of Wedgwood is a wonderful addition to your collection, and if you?re ever looking on eBay for more to add, snag them up. You never know if you?ll find a piece from the early days of the company. What an amazing find that would be.