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Clear off the court, and ditch the track. These sky-high sneakers are made for city sidewalks. From eye-popping metallics to sumptuous suede designs, the possibilities are endless. Browse the huge selection of high-fashion wedge sneakers here on eBay, and tiptoe away with the latest trends. Your wardrobe will thank you.

About Wedge Sneakers

They may lace up and have comfy rubber soles, but wedge sneakers don't belong on the track or the field. These fashion-forward kicks are more appropriate for the catwalk than the court, but that doesn't mean they are hard on your heels. While the feet are standing tiptoe, wedges give your arches plenty of support, making it easy to maintain your usual confident stride with a few extra inches of height to boot. Find a pair with molded insoles that cushion the balls of the feet, or stick a pair of gel inserts inside to take the edge off. The best part about wedge sneakers is the endless array of styles and designs. Try a pair of monochrome Steve Maddens in a neutral color like slate or an attention-grabbing hue like fuchsia. If colors like chartreuse and hot pink are too tame, get yourself a pair of metallic gold Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers. Whether you pair them with a summery mini dress or denim daisy dukes and a baseball cap, these shoes really kick. Browse the huge selection of new and used styles on eBay, and find something to add to your wardrobe (or your sneakerhead collection).

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