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About Wedding Glasses

Choosing the most appropriate wedding glasses need not be as complicated as writing the toast. With a little information, finding the right glasses to toast the bride and groom, and enjoy sipping wine from on the big day becomes another item checked off your long list. For wedding toasting glasses, choose crystal to achieve that lovely ringing sound at the toast. You want a flute or tulip for Champagne, as the bubbles do not dissipate as quickly in the slender bowl of this glass design. For wedding wine glasses, consider the type of wine being served at the reception. Red wines need larger openings to permit oxidation of the wine than do white wines. The wedding budget is a significant factor. Glass is lovely if the budget doesn't permit crystal. If crystal glasses are on the list, look at titanium crystal rather than lead crystal, as these glasses resist chipping and breaking and are dishwasher safe. With reliable sellers and convenient options, eBay offers a wide selection of new and pre-loved wedding glasses perfect for toasting with a bit of bubbly, or sipping the Sauvignon Blanc.