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About Wedding Cake Toppers

After throwing the birdseed, the happy couple drives away, and only a few keepsakes remain of one of life's most important days. Wedding cake toppers remain one of the most popular and enduring pieces of memorabilia from that special day. They are often placed in curio cabinets or keepsake boxes to save for future generations. The look and style of wedding cake toppers has evolved tremendously over the years, but the fun and tradition related to them remains intact. Options for wedding cake toppers are as unique as the brides and grooms who select them. A vintage wedding cake topper usually portrays the basic theme of man and wife, but today's cake toppers are anything but basic. Special themed cake options include Disney wedding cake toppers and Doctor Who. Consumers hoping to find the perfect cake topper can find a wide variety of options, ranging from painstakingly handcrafted custom options to standard choices. eBay offers a wide selection through its reliable sellers.