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About Wedding

Church bells ring in celebration. Your wedding is finally here. Nothing feels more exciting or heart pounding as that long walk down the aisle. The groom's eyes are locked on you. Everyone else's eyes are on your dress. It feels wonderful to make this important step at last. Knowing that you look beautiful in your wedding dress and veil also feels good. It took months of searching for the perfect dress to reflect your style, and that just happens to flatter in all the right places. So much effort went into finding this dress that you were almost afraid it would not be found in time for the wedding. Everyone wants to know where you got your dress and you tell them about the listings of reliable sellers on eBay who offered just the right price to fit your budget. Worn only once before, this gently used dress is still in mint condition. You only needed the seamstress to make a few small adjustments for the best fit. After you reach the altar, your groom lifts the wedding veil with a whispered, says "I do."