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About Webster's Dictionaries

Even in this modern age of Google and Wikipedia, the Webster Dictionary stands tall as a respected source of reliable information. While not everyone makes room on his bookshelf for the hefty tome these days, its influence is nonetheless felt in all sorts of mediums. First published in 1806, Webster's Compendious Dictionary of the English Language changed the way dictionaries would be produced from then on by including technical terms in addition to purely literary ones and normalizing the spelling to favor Americanized spellings over their British counterparts. Despite the migration away from hardbound reference material, the Webster Dictionary still occupies a role within the world of letters, with products such as the Webster Pocket Dictionary providing a handy guide to those on the go. Even for those who have gone entirely digitized in their matters of academia, a vintage Webster Dictionary artfully placed on an end table acts as a quaint reminder of an era gone by. Therefore, whether you plan to research or simply remodel; the reliable sellers on eBay offer new, used, and refurbished dictionaries to suit your needs and your budget.