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About Webasto

When the going gets tough and the heat starts to rise as you drive, you need to contact Webasto. Webasto is a family-owned supplier of automotive heating and cooling systems and parts. The company was established in 1901 and provides parts and products all over the world. The company was founded by Wilhelm Baier at the age of 55. In addition to providing high-quality heating and cooling products, the company is credited for creating the first automobile folding roof made of steel and durable, weather resistant fabric. This roof became known as the "Baier folding roof" and was originally attached to a bus. A Webasto roof continues to be in demand and is found on a variety of automobile models and styles. As the company grew, it divided its product line. The two divisions of the product lines include Roof and Components and Thermo and Comforts. A Webasto pump is known for high-quality materials, long life, and durability. Browse the vast selection of automotive products in the vast inventory on eBay to cool down and keep fresh.

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