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About WeatherTech Floor Mats

A car floor mat should protect the floor of your car from water, road salt, mud, dirt, and sand. So, that is exactly what WeatherTech Floor Mats do. They do not move around or only cover part of the floor area. They do not curl, fold, or crack, and they do not act as a surface for the dirt from your shoes to pass through on its way to your car's carpet. They do their job properly, which means they catch dirt. This starts by fitting your car perfectly, so there are no universal solutions. Instead, WeatherTech Floor Mats are specific to certain makes and models. You can get Jeep WeatherTech Floor Mats, Chevrolet WeatherTech Floor Mats, and Toyota WeatherTech Floor Mats on eBay, plus options for other makes and model of car. The resin used in their manufacture make the mats durable, even when exposed to the sun or sub-zero weather. They have deep grooves and high edges to keep the dirt, mud and water on the mat and away from your car. Plus, they have effective anti-skid ridges to stop the mat moving around. With mats like this you can work hard and play hard in the outdoors without worrying about damaging your car's carpet.

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