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About WeatherTech

You have been voted Super Mom at your kids' school because you achieved that delicate balance between cool and motherly. Unfortunately, with all your kids' friends choosing to ride to soccer practice, school and the mall with you, your car's carpets are crying out for WeatherTech liners. If you are tired of vacuuming the floor of the car every other day, then you need WeatherTech floor mats to keep dust, fluids and every other substance school children find from ruining your carpets. Because they are made from a high-density tri-extruded material, WeatherTech liners are tough and ridged. This makes them resilient to daily wear and tear while making it easy to empty the dirt that they collect. To find the right liners for your carpet, browse through the large selection of car floor mats available on eBay. And while you are picking a floor liner, remember to also get a WeatherTech cargo liner. After all, Super Mom now has six pairs of mud-caked soccer shoes in the car's trunk.

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