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About Weatherheads

For high-pressure hydraulic systems that are both durable and versatile, the Weatherhead name stands front and center. Home to top-of-the-line electronic controls to complement hydraulic hardware, the Weatherhead brand offers full-service one-stop hydraulic supply. You can locate many of these products from the reliable sellers on eBay. With piston motors, gear motors, Geroler motors, and a few others, it does not matter what type of system you currently run or want, because with Weatherhead, you have options. The value of these options compounds with the variety of system components, such as a half-dozen different pump types and a wide variety of hardware, including Weatherhead hydraulic fittings. What make these systems even more convenient are the touch-screen controls with top-notch software. Designed for ease of use, the software and controls allow simplified operation to make the units easy to learn and easy to use. The lack of a steep learning curve keeps you working instead of trying to figure out the system. You get the best of all worlds with the Weatherhead hydraulic systems.