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About Wayne Gas Pumps

The invention of the automobile brought about an entirely new appreciation for all things automotive, as well as a rare breed of collector. If you are into things nostalgically related to automobiles, your collection is not complete without a Wayne gas pump. The Wayne Oil company began more than a hundred years ago and produced its very first pump in 1891. The Wayne gas pump is now an iconic piece of car and driver history. If you have a pump of your own, you can find restoration pieces that you need, and discover different styles, by browsing through the vast inventory on eBay. The Wayne visible gas pump is a popular collector's item that is quite difficult to find. This piece boasts a clear glass vessel for viewing. If you simply want something to remind you of automobile history, a Wayne gas pump replica is a choice that is hard to ignore. With detailed attention to every last aspect, these pumps look so real that you would never guess that they are not functional.