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About Waxed Jeans

After starting out as a practical solution for rugged Scottish sailors, waxed denim has become a staple element of many fashion lovers' wardrobes. By adding waxed jeans to your clothing collection, you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of denim while staying dry. Thanks to the use of paraffin wax, these jeans are less permeable to water. If you find yourself caught in the rain, you should find it bounces right off them. Practicalities aside, wax gives off a shine that makes ordinary jeans look dressier. Depending on the level of wax present, some may even imitate leather, allowing you to adopt a glam rock look. For a look that bridges the gap between casual and cool, dress down women's wax jeans with a tank top and flat shoes. To make sure the jeans fit just as well as their unwaxed counterparts, aim for a size slightly bigger than your usual fit. As they are less flexible than standard denim, going bigger gives you more wiggle room. By shopping on eBay for waxed jeans, you open yourself up to a vast inventory of stylish designs. Stick on killer a pair heels for an image that oozes glamor.