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About Wax Warmers

The scent of cranberries lightly wafts through your home, reminding you of everything that it is fall. To enjoy the scent of candles without the flame, utilize wax warmers throughout your home. Scented wax warmers come in a variety of styles, with wax scents to appease every personality, including vanilla, spruce, pine, berry, and many other custom combinations. The warmers can come as stand-alone decorative units or plug-in wax warmers that double as nightlights. These wax warmers feature a small holder for the wax cubes, and utilize the heat from their bulbs to melt the wax. Most units use a standard 15- to 25-watt bulb, so you can easily replace the bulb when you need to. Units can be as small as 5 inches or as large as 10 inches or more, so you can find a unit that fits where you need it. Wax warmers are a great decorative and practical addition to any home, and with the large collection of units available on eBay, you can find the right size and style to work with your home's decor.