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Shop the large inventory of team sports collectibles and sports memorabilia cards and fan shop wholesale lots!

About Wax Boxes

Wax Box Cards is the first name in collectable sports cards and non-sports collectables. Baseball card wax boxes, as well as football wax box cards, and those oriented towards basketball, hockey, and golf are sold on eBay by reliable vendors, usually in unopened condition. Each box is a mystery until opened—that's what makes them fun. Baseball Wax Box cards depict players from 1950 on, as do the football cards, while basketball Wax Box cards date from 1990 and hockey from 1970. Complete sets are also available. Many of the cards and collections sold are unopened and you will be the first to see what's inside. This is a great way to start a collection or find missing pieces for it if you've already started one. Wax Box also makes cards for Superman comics and other DC Comics characters, if you're more into that than sports. Some of the boxes come with puzzle pieces as well. Each box is a surprise!