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About Waves

Musicians often spend their lives developing their playing ability and style, and you can reward this with the best possible sound equipment. Waves creates high-end products to help artists achieve their optimal sound, whether they are in the recording studio or on the live stage. Some of the world's best-known artists use Waves, including bands like Imagine Dragons and Link in Park, as well as engineers such as Andrew Scheps and John Cooper. You can pick out every item from the Waves catalog by shopping on eBay. Look for Waves plugins like the Vitamin Sonic Enhancer to build a warm and full sound, or the J37 Tape plugin to mimic the famous Abbey Road J37 machine. Plugins are available individually and as part of a bundle with dozens of plugins together. Waves also creates hardware like server systems and compressors for processing and mixing every aspect of a recording or live performance. Reliable sellers offer these machines in new and used condition, allowing you to locate ones that fit your budget. For established acts and newcomers alike, the power and performance of Waves products can help artists fulfill their potential.