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About Waterproof GPS

It's so wet you have gone through three golf-ball rags and the downpour is obscuring your view of the flag on the 18th hole, but the Garmin waterproof GPS Rangefinder tells you the hole is 183 yards away, a sand trap lies just left of the green, and the pin is sitting about nine yards right of the trap. Whether golfing, kayaking, jogging, fishing, or hiking, the waterproof GPS takes rain, sleet, fog, darkness, and topography out of the equation when trying to get back home or choosing a golf club. Waterproof handheld GPS receivers that fit into one?s pocket are ideal for outdoorsy types, and reliable sellers on eBay have plenty to offer, from new to refurbished, like-new units. A waterproof handheld unit like the Magellan 400 with a 2.2" screen is perfect for a first-timer because of its ease of operation. A deep-sea fisherman might steer toward a waterproof marine GPS such as the Garmin GPSMAP 620 with its 5.2-inch touch screen and resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. If you just happen to live in Ketchikan, Alaska, or Hilo, Hawaii, the wettest places in the U.S. and where average rainfall exceeds 120 inches a year, you might need a waterproof GPS for almost everything: your motorcycle, boat, in your golf bag and in your backpack. With a multitude of models to choose from, you can find a perfect unit for any activity.