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About Waterproof Eyeliners

Nothing ruins a woman's day faster than thick, smeared "raccoon eyes" brought on by running eyeliner. If waterproof eyeliner is not part of a woman's daily routine, then a sweaty forehead, rainy day, or unexpected tears can quickly transform perfectly lined eyes into something worthy of a horror film. Formed through decades of evolution, waterproof cosmetics are the favorite choices of makeup artists and many average women. The durable quality provides a deep, bold line that only disappears with a proper makeup removing agent or an oil-based scrub. As with any eyeliner, numerous options exists, including waterproof liquid eyeliner and waterproof gel eyeliner in a variety of colors. eBay offers an impressive selection of choices, including top name brands like MAC, Bobbie Brown, Cover Girl, and Rimmel. Shoppers also enjoy the convenient shipping options offered by the site's reliable sellers. Application brushes, makeup removers, and numerous other accessories are available in addition to waterproof eyeliners.