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About Waterford Bowls

Renowned for its premium quality crystal wares, Waterford produces a broad variety of dishes and home goods. A Waterford bowl makes the perfect wedding token, anniversary present, or gift for other special occasions. Some of these beautiful bowls are mostly smooth, with Waterford's signature cuts and facets around the base. Others feature angles all over the surface, allowing them to catch and refract light. Among those available on the market, consumers often select top items such as the Waterford Rose bowl, the Waterford Marquis bowl, or the Waterford Lismore bowl. Sizes vary according to the purpose; for example, a punch bowl is significantly larger than a fruit bowl. Look for your favorite style on eBay, where reliable sellers offer both pre-owned and brand-new product listings for your perusal. Once you secure your perfect Waterford bowl, store or display it in a safe place in your home, and enjoy the admiring looks it receives from your guests.