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About Watercolors

After taking a drawing class, you are ready to tackle painting with watercolors. Watercolors suspend the pigment of the paint in a water substance, giving it a loose, fluid, transparent feel. Painters seek to recreate a wide variety of subject matter when performing their craft, including wildlife, nature scenes, urban scenes, inanimate objects, and people, among others. On eBay, you can find all the painting tools you need to get started. Buying a watercolor set is one way to ensure that you have all the colors you need to dive into this form of painting. Sets include tubes of 6 or 24, with a half pan also available in 45 colors. You should also purchase a variety of watercolor brushes to get the desired effects, whether it is a small, hard brush for details or a big fan brush for covering wide areas. eBay features a wide selection of watercolor supplies to choose from reliable sellers, all with convenient shipping options.