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About Waterbeds

Now that you are a bit older and battling a few aches and pains, you really wish you had held on to that old waterbed you bought back in the day. At the time, there seemed to be a waterbed store on every corner, but they seem to have disappeared from modern view, right along with satin jackets and disco music. They may be a bit harder to find these days, but reliable sellers on eBay can help you find another bed that will have you floating in heated comfort all night long. If you are missing that retro look and want a huge wooden bed frame with attached storage, bookshelves, and lighted headboard, check out the used waterbeds on offer. You can even pick out a brand new replacement mattress that carries all the modern tech to fit your old-school frame. If your partner insists that it match the carefully designed d?cor or your bedroom, a softside waterbed looks like a traditional mattress while still provided the joint-easing comfort of heat and floatation. Even if all the waterbed stores have disappeared, convenient shipping options mean that a great night's sleep is always in reach.