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About Water Purification

Fresh drinking water is the most precious resource on the planet. You do not want to find out what it is like when you do not have clean water, so equip yourself with water purification gear available on eBay. The wide selection of water purification equipment is perfect for those who venture out into the wilderness for long camping trips, as well as those who want to make sure their homes always have enough water in case natural disaster strikes. Water purification tablets are available from brands that include Oasis, Potable Aqua, and Aquatabs, and give you a convenient solution when drinkable water is scarce. These kits come with hundreds of tabs and can purify sizes from 32 ounces to 6.6 gallons. You can also find survival water purification devices, such as the LifeStraw, which purifies up to 1,000 liters of unclean water. It requires no electricity, no batteries, and uses no chemicals to provide you with instant access to safe, refreshing water.