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About Water Dispensers

The United States goes through approximately 50 billion plastic water bottles each year, and many of those are never recycled. Drinking tap water is not always appealing, but a water dispenser provides a happy medium. Water dispensers accommodate 3- to 5-gallon water jugs, and you can refill them, reducing the number of plastic water bottles sent to the landfill. A countertop water dispenser keeps the water easily accessible so that using it is as convenient as turning on the tap. With a hot- and cold-water dispenser, you can quickly dispense a cup of hot water for tea or get a refreshing glass of cold water without needing ice. With a large selection of new and used dispensers on eBay, you can find a water dispenser to meet your needs easily. Get your recommended eight glasses of water per day while cutting back on the number of plastic bottles you use.