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About Water Coolers

After being tied to your desk working on a report, or spending the day cleaning your house, can you imagine anything better than a glass of water to quench your thirst? Water coolers are compact and fit almost anywhere in a home or office. Some are even compact and lightweight enough to sit on a countertop or desktop. With thermo-electric energy, these units dispense cold and hot water conveniently and quickly ensuring you never go thirsty. Larger freestanding provide filtered hot and cold water with rapid renewal capacities. Whether new or used, they often have hot water child safety locks and anti-spill systems. Most water cooler dispensers hold three to five gallons of water and bottleless water coolers are available allowing you to stay hydrated all day as they have an endless supply of water. If a vintage water cooler is more your style, eBay offers a selection of stone, galvanized metal or plastic insulated water coolers that are smaller and more portable, perfect for camping, cabins, or more rustic situations. For an even smaller, personalized water solution, check out the selection of water cooler bottles from vintage Coleman 64-ounce jugs to one or two-quart insulated water bottles, these single or double serving size water coolers are perfect for back-country travel, hydration during sports, or just folks on the go. Find the perfect water solution for your needs and stay hydrated through all of your daily adventures.