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About Watch Fobs

You know what they say about fads: everything comes back into fashion sooner or later. Relegated to the dustbin of history since World War I, pocket watches and watch fobs are making a comeback on the heels of the Steampunk fad. The Steampunk literary genre is set in Victorian times, and features dark themes and massive machine works that evoke the Industrial Revolution. Since the Victorian era was a heyday for pocket watches, they have become a personal statement for fans. Antique watch fobs make great collectibles. You need not wear them on a watch chain; they make wonderful pendants and bracelet charms as well. The word "fob" originally referred to the leather strap?it looks like a narrow watchband?with a pendant at the end to keep the dangling end from flapping around. As metal chains replaced the leather straps, the word "fob" by extension came to refer to the pendant itself. A quick look at the offerings on eBay show the infinite variety of themes and gadgetry carried out by fobs through the years. Businesses used fobs to promote brands of trucks, railroad lines, and farm implements such as Caterpillar, and often doubled as wax seals, pocketknives, skeleton keys, or photo lockets. Add a unique keepsake to your wardrobe and celebrate your love for the railroad or all things Victorian with an antique fob.