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About Watch Case Openers

Learning to repair your own watch means acquiring a skill you can use for the rest of your life. However, you cannot start to grow your knowledge without getting a watch case opener that lets you pry off the back of your timepiece and study how all the tiny parts work together. Whether you usually just do something basic such as replacing a battery, or often take the back off a watch to try and troubleshoot a recurring problem, it is easy to find one tool or several within the vast inventory on eBay. Many available sets feature huge assortments of accessories, so you can not only open your watch, but take links out of the band and fix small parts such as spring pins. Some sets are specifically for pocket watches, whereas others are for wristwatches. You can also get a universal gadget that can open any kind of watch that has a screw-style back. This is ideal if you own many types of timepieces and want something that works for all of them. Take the mystery out of timepiece repairs and hone your skills by getting a watch case opener.