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About Washington Capitals

Your heart is racing, you are sweating, and you are nervously wringing your hands. This is much better than having a heart attack, though, because you are watching a Washington Capitals hockey game in overtime. A die-hard fan, you watch as many games as possible on TV. You even manage to attend a few games here and there to root for your team in person. Wearing your Washington Capitals jersey, you eagerly sit on the edge of your seat, hoping your team scores first and goes on to win the game. At home, your game room shows your true spirit, with memorabilia framed and displayed on the walls and shelves. Your favorite, a Washington Capitals puck , sits upon your mantle, glistening in its display case. The whistle blows, the game is over, and your team has won again. To celebrate, you look on eBay for some new items to add to your collection. Fortunately, eBay has many reliable sellers offering a wide variety of Washington Capitals gear and accessories to keep the love alive.