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About Washboards

Imagine having your skin constantly assaulted from rubbing clothes forcefully against a ridged surface to remove dirt and grime, literally putting your hands through the wringer. Even though parts of the world still use a washboard for laundry purposes, some buyers use this item as a musical instrument or decorative piece to hang on the wall. Reliable sellers on eBay offer antique washboard options that may contain glass, metal, and wood with authentic maker's label stamped somewhere on the pieces. Worn spots indicate actual usage and add to the board's value. A ribbed rub board made from brass metal and framed in wood may have a soap patina that adds to its charm and appeal. Other vintage pieces with soap saver trays are as equally well used and blend seamlessly into both farmhouse and retro decors. When your electricity is on the blink and the laundry bin is full, grab your washboard from the wall but keep plenty of elbow grease on hand.