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About Warren Kimble

Folk art has the unique capability of reaching everyday people where they are and inspiring reflection on the beauty of every moment. Such, at least, is the effect of the work of Warren Kimble. Known as one of the greatest living folk artists, Kimble is responsible for an incredible diversity of work. His subjects range from the natural to the abstract. Many of his scenes depict pastoral realities, lone schoolhouses and farmyards bustling with activity. Warren Kimble plates and other items are also found in great number; he is no means restricted by his canvas. Kimble's work is usually light-filled, with plain and simple representations of creatures and icons that most Americans find familiar, at least in story. From Warren Kimble dinnerware to prints and paintings, you can find plenty of his work for sale in the large inventory on eBay. Everything from signed originals to limited releases sits on the site. Kimble's diverse creations often made use of everyday items such as forks and knives as the setting for some aesthetically appealing painting. Warren Kimble continues to innovate today.