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About Warhammer Armies

It's war. You peer over the table, seeing your Warhammer army arrayed before you. On the other side, your opponent does the same. You are both generals, fielding massive armies of Orks, Elves, Dwarfs, and even Skaven in your quest to dominate the miniature battlefield. Every player brings his or her own painted army of warriors, each one just over an inch tall. You build your force from the pages of a Warhammer army book, which tells you what figures you need and how effective they are on the battlefield. Each figure, or model, is molded from metal or plastic, and carefully hand-assembled and painted. Unpainted models are not allowed to take the field. Ork armies resemble nothing so much as a charging horde of sports fans in face paint—if you can look past the green skin. Warhammer is more than just fantasy. You can take arms for the Emperor with your own Space Marine army and fight the armies of Chaos. eBay sellers offer whole armies, some brand new in the box, and others already painted. It's time to field your own Warhammer army and make a stand against Chaos.