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About Walter Payton

Sweetness! Walter Payton's nickname applied to everything about the man, from the way he played the game and, according to many, including his coach Mike Ditka, the way he lived his life off the field. His retirement was a loss to the football world, and his premature death from liver disease was a loss to those who benefitted from his humanitarian efforts. Any fan of the Chicago Bears would be proud to wear a Walter Payton jersey after he helped lead Da' Bears to a Super Bowl victory. Even fans of other teams are proud to wear a Walter Payton jersey to commemorate his many records, some of which still stand. eBay has an excellent selection of Walter Payton memorabilia from reliable sellers, including pictures and other items featuring a Walter Payton autograph. Walter Payton jerseys come in many different styles, all featuring the number 34, which he wore throughout his professional career. If your child is a football fan, give him or her a Walter Payton jersey along with an explanation of what Payton meant to his teammates as well as the legacy he left as an all-around good guy.