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About Wallpaper Borders

A small change in decor can change the look of an entire room, and accent pieces can add interest to your space. If you are stuck in your design, consider a wallpaper border to add a small accent to your room. If you have kids, a nautical-themed bathroom wallpaper border can complement under-the-sea decor, making it a fun space for little ones. A kitchen wallpaper border with wine bottles, fruit, or herbs can add to a Tuscan-styled kitchen, and you can apply the border around the whole room or just to a small area, depending on your style. New borders are easy to install, as most have adhesive backing for peel-and-stick installation. Borders are also designed with convenience in mind, as many can be wiped clean without damaging the picture. A new wallpaper border can change the whole look of your room, so if you would like to update your decor, make sure to check out the large selection of borders available from reliable sellers on eBay.