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About Wallace Nutting

The invention of photography opened up many doors of artistic expression and commitment to detail, doors that were first opened by only the bravest minds. Wallace Nutting is one such mind. The minister, photographer, and artist's catalog includes a number of impressive works, works that shed light on the daily life of American peoples around the turn of the century and through to the interwar period. During this time, Nutting documented an impressive number of items, with plenty of focus on the imagery of the countryside. Renowned for immortalizing the simple and quiet beauty of New England, Wallace Nutting's prints and paintings carry his vision forward into the modern world. Signed Wallace Nutting prints and other rare and original collector's items can be found on sale in the vast inventory on eBay, where an impressive display of his catalog sits, ready for shoppers. From beautiful studies of trees laden with fall, to the faithful representation of water's reflective qualities, Nutting's work continues to inspire artists today. Wallace Nutting set a high bar for photographers in his time and beyond.