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About Wall Scrolls

After finishing the popular anime series Death Note, your heart is pounding and you have a strong urge to turn your room into a Death Note sanctuary to commemorate the epic mind battles that took place between Light and L. One way to express your love for an anime or manga series is with a wall scroll. Although wall scrolls could theoretically be used to display any type of media, the term is virtually exclusively associated with anime, manga, and other Japanese media franchises. A high-quality wall scroll is more durable than a poster and provides a nice matte look instead of a glossy appearance. If you love video games, pick up a Final Fantasy wall scroll, or if anime is your thing, buy an anime wall scroll depicting your favorite series. You can find the wall scroll that is the perfect fit for your room on eBay, where many sellers offer a huge inventory of these decorative pieces, so you can keep the magic of your favorite series alive.