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About Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Coins are tangible evidence of national power, and a physical representation of continued might over the course of history. Owning a coin like the Walking Liberty Half Dollars is owning a piece of the past. The 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is the first of its kind, an edition that ran for 31 years before being retired by the US Mint. The design portrays a beautiful rendition of Lady Liberty, with hair flowing out towards the setting sun in the horizon. The piece is regularly considered one of the most beautiful of the US coins. The back displays a mighty eagle, wings outstretched, in 3/4 profile, a unique view that lends a sense of space and room for incredibly detailed wings. Today, Walking Liberty Half Dollar sets often fetch impressive prices from collectors, especially when graded near the top of the coin grading system. Mint State, Extra Fine, and Uncirculated are among the highest designations. You can find a wide range of Walking Liberty Half Dollars on sale from the large inventory on eBay, where coins in various stages of excellence and deterioration are available.