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About Walking Dead Signed

Enter the world of a zombie apocalypse right in your own backyard when you invest in "The Walking Dead" signed memorabilia. Revel in your favorite zombie slashers determined to the save the world from a deadly disease turning the population into the literal walking dead. Start your own collection off right with the abundance of signed items found in the large inventory on eBay. Begin with the world the walkers came from with a "The Walking Dead" signed comic, an item that preceded the hit television show by a full seven years. The brainchild of writer Robert Kirkman, the comic book series inspired AMC drama, which in turn inspired a series of collectibles and a legion of diehard fans. Find "The Walking Dead" signed posters and photos of all your favorite zombie hunters signed by the show's cast, as well as individual scene shots signed by the primary actors in the prints. Fulfill your zombie-catching fantasies, as well as your need to save the world, with "The Walking Dead" signed items lining your walls.