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About Waist Bags

The fanny pack has suffered a bad rap over the last few years, but stars like Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker have coaxed it back into fashion. Waist bags give your shoulder a rest and leave your hands free to take photographs of the kids or thumb through the latest bestsellers at the bookstore. For the ladies, a Chanel or Coach waist clutch provides a stylish accessory for your outfit as well as a convenient place to store wallets, lipsticks, or concert tickets. It is also a safer choice for storing money clips because you will not absentmindedly set it on the ground while you chase down a screaming toddler. Bags with interior and exterior pockets provide double the storage space, especially when there are slots for the tools you use every day, such as your cell phone. Men can also benefit from waist bags, whether they wear them to work or on the bike trail. Sports enthusiasts, for example, use these bags to keep water bottles and heart rate monitors handy. The vast inventory of bags from sellers on eBay offers plenty of choices in color and style, from decorative stitching to studded clasps.