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About Cast Iron Wagner

The original Wagner Manufacturing Company made quality cast iron cookware in the United States for over a century before closing in 1999. This impressive feat has resulted in a wide range of Wagner cast iron goods on the market, and many of them are available in the vast inventory on eBay. Wagner skillets come in many sizes, from pans just over six inches in diameter to those nearly 12 inches wide. Many have specialized functions, such as a corn bread pan that lets you cook eight individual wedges of cornbread. If you add other treats, such as hand pies to the equation, the possibilities are nearly endless. Look for deep chicken fryers, fun corn-on-the-cob shaped baking molds, and hardy Dutch ovens that are perfect for camping. Meanwhile, Wagner Ware cast iron waffle irons feature beautiful rustic wood handles. Choose a seasoned skillet, or begin the long, beautiful journey of seasoning a cast iron pan in your own kitchen. When you purchase a piece of Wagner cast iron cookware, you invest in a piece of American history as well as a trusty pan that is sure to serve you for years to come.

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