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About Wagner - Homes & Gardens

While nowadays it seems like every time you turn around another celebrity or TV chef is hawking their own signature line of cookware or specialty kitchen device, it has not always been like that. Though it was possible to differentiate the quality of culinary equipment judging from name alone, it was brand names such as Wagner that consumers were paying attention to. Though the Wagner Manufacturing Company did not officially begin full-scale production on items such as its famous Wagner cast iron skillets in 1891, brothers Milton and Bernard Wagner were producing light hardware and tin goods for consumers and government contracts as early as 1881. As the company prospered, they eventually hired on their brothers Louis and William and expanded their product line to include Wagner Ware Magnalite cookware. Constructed from a special aluminum-based alloy, the Magnalite line was produced from the 1930's to the 1970's, making it a hot commodity for collectors of vintage kitchenware. Thanks to the durability of Wagner products, both new and used items available from reliable sellers on eBay will be ready for display or use straight out of the box.