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About Wacom Intuos 3

Edit a picture with a flourish of your finger, or create a living drawing that you can manipulate, animate, and transform digitally with the Wacom Intuos3. This digital art pad works with popular software to give you the ultimate digital art space for creating and tweaking drawings and photographs. A digital pen serves as a brush, a pencil, or a control interface, while the cordless and battery-free design of the pad itself mimics the experience of working on a paper notebook. The Intuos3 comes in multiple sizes. Choose a Wacom Intuos3 4x6 for a more compact solution that serves as the ultimate sketch tab. If you work often in a widescreen aspect ratio, consider the 6x11 or 12x19 models. There are also Wacom Intuos3 9x12 tablets that let you visualize things on a larger scale. Pair any of these up with the Wacom Intuos3 mouse, which has an ergonomic five-button design that helps streamline your processes. To find your own Wacom Intuos3 and bring your inner visual world to life, shop the vast inventory of digital art supplies on eBay.