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About Wacky Packages

What awesome collectible trading cards are full of endless laughter and hilarity? Wacky Packages are. These giggle-inducing cards date back to 1967, when they first hit the shelves. However, they have since been reproduced. They contain parody consumer brands such as "Cap'n Crutch" instead of "Cap'n Crunch, "Boreos" as boring "Oreos" (How could Oreos ever be boring?), and of course "Creeps" instead of "Peeps." Along with the funny slogans, cartoon illustrations depict the hilarious altered names and add endless amounts of amusement. They are an ode to pop culture, with a needle-sharp sense of humor. Additionally, Wacky Packs can come as erasers, or in sticker form, on eBay. Vintage 1967 Wacky Packages are available for collectors looking for a piece of pop culture history. As well, newly created trading cards are available for young, new collectors looking to stray from Baseball and "Pok?mon" cards for something more unique. Trade laughter for more laughter with Wacky Packages.