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About VW Roof Rack

You love your trusty VW Jetta, but the car's compact size does not always work well when it comes to your active lifestyle – lugging around your bike or kayak is almost impossible without risking damage to your vehicle. With the help of a new VW roof rack, you can carry around your gear and travel with luggage or large boxes with ease. Find VW Jetta roof racks for both four-door and hatchback models that are easy to install on your own. Because of their compact size, there is no need to take the rack off when it is not in use. You can get your hands on a VW roof rack in black or chrome to ensure that it complements your vehicle design as opposed to overwhelming it. Just one person can perform the installation and most racks come with all of the accessories needed to get the job done. A wide variety of options are available through the vast inventory on eBay. With your new VW roof rack in place, you never have to worry about your paint job again.