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About VW Rims

When the wheels on your VW no longer go round, it is time to get a new set of VW rims to get you back on the road. As a manufacturer that has been producing cars since 1937, VW has used a lot of different rim sizes and styles, as seen in the large inventory on eBay. It is important to know what size of wheel is needed for your vehicle before making the purchase. Find out by checking the tire size information for your car. These digits contain both the diameter in inches and the wheel width in millimeters. After this, you only need to find out the bolt pattern, which is the number of bolts used in a circle and the diameter of that circle in millimeters. You can measure the distance between two studs on your car's wheel bearing to find the diameter of the bolt pattern. Just count the number of studs to see how many bolts are used. Taking good measurements helps you find the perfect set of VW rims for your car.