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About VW Key

A quick chirp, as you step into the store, tells you that you locked your Volkswagen. But when you lose a VW key, it can be a small disaster until you replace it. Unlike older vehicles, a modern VW's ignition system reads a transponder chip inside the key, which then activates the ignition and allows you to start the car. You cannot run down to the local hardware store and make a spare VW key that activates the ignition — a dealership or locksmith must program the key. Most modern car keys attach to a fob that allows you to lock and unlock the doors, and in some models, start the car remotely. When searching for a VW key blank, you can find a wide array of keys, fobs, covers, and shell cases on eBay, as well as vintage keys and blanks for non-electronic ignitions. If you tend to misplace your keys, a brightly colored VW key cover may help you keep track of keys and avoid panic as you search for your keys. Available in silicon, hard case, or leather, you can choose a case in your favorite color, to match your car, or in a vibrant and highly visible pink or lime green.