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About VW Heads

Shop the large inventory of car and truck parts including cylinder heads and parts for Volkswagen vehicles!

You remember the very first time you set eyes on your Volkswagen with her chipped red paint, the sad little bent antenna, and an interior that made your heart break. When you finally replaced the VW heads, you were well into a restoration project that was much more complicated that you had imagined. Your friends and family have all pitched in to help you create the car of your dreams, and it is almost time to show her off to that snobby VW club you have been wanting to join. The reliable sellers on eBay played a major role in your reconstruction of that Jetta, including providing the VW dual port heads that you needed when you figured out how much trouble it was going to be to rebuild that diesel motor. Those wonderful merchants had exactly the right VW diesel head to finish your engine, and they even offered a huge selection of aftermarket parts that were perfect for creating the show car that sits in your driveway today. From buying those VW heads to lights, fenders, and bumpers, it has been a wild (and fun) ride to finish your little Jetta.